So a little bit about me...

I'm a British-born photographer, wife and a mother of three, currently living in Singapore. 


Since I was young, I have never been without a camera. Even as a kid, before the days of digital I would just love to snap away on family holidays or when spending time with friends.


I'm a true believer of simple, natural, everyday moments. Although that all may sound quite simple, it's those everyday occasions that we easily forget.


My style is natural, simple and organic. I don't believe in heavily retouched photos, it's about the real beauty in everyday exchanges and emotions. What you see is what you get. It's about capturing those one-off fleeting moments of children giggling, kids playing, even babies crying, that take you back to a moment in time, worth keeping for a lifetime. 


Most of my shoots tend to be in a relaxed home environment or outdoor location of your choice, without the confines of a studio. If this is something that you are after, get in touch!

Corporate and event photography is also NOW available!


I look forward to meeting you.