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My Monkeys

It's slightly ironic, I'm a family photographer and yet I have no photos of my own kids. So here we are. I came home the other Saturday morning from a shoot and whipped my camera out my bag and sat down with my little monkeys. Admittedly it was for about 5 mins and lunch time, but enough for me to get my fill to capture this magical age of Skye at 10 months. Skye can't talk but she is full of expression. Wide eyed and so playful.

I spend so much time photographing other peoples kids and now on my second child I have none. I appear to scroll and scroll through photos of Sophia my eldest being the same age. It is unfair isn't it. And that is why they call it second child syndrome! This post is for you Skye Skye.

Now we just need to get a family photoshoot of our own in.