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New Family Member

It had been a long awaited 3 months before I could get my mits on my new little nephew, Jasper. Yes, inevitably for those that know me, it wasn't surprising that my eyes bulged with tears as he entered the room. My two daughters were about to meet their cousin for the first time. Jasper was a doppelganger of my brother James as a baby and identical in temperament to both his parents, totally chilled out, a big grin with a cheeky giggle.

Of course I talked about doing photo shoot over the Christmas period, but with so much going on, my camera never made it out its bag. These pictures were captured in last 10 mins before we headed to the airport. I wouldn't have lived with myself if I had got on that plane without capturing his first Christmas in France. Till next time Jazzy.

We miss you.

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