• KMS Photography

Jungle Living

I always get excited about home shoots. I love seeing the variety of homes Singapore has to offer...as well as having a sneaky peak inside them of course! Last weeks shoot was a treat. Situated in the depths of the leafy green jungle, we were surrounded by dramatic trees and wide meandering road which led into the abyss. It was a magical setting. A black and white bungalow was perched up on a hill, with the most magnificent view and a tuneful hum of animal and insect life. What more could you ask for!

With extended family in town, it was going to be an opportunity to photograph three generations all together, which doesn't happen often when you live so far away from family. Cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents were all involved, so keeping everyones attention span is always a bit of a challenge, let alone getting everyone in height order. We got there in the end...just about! At the end of the session we headed out to stretch our legs encompassed by most wonderful jungle backdrop.