• KMS Photography

Little Baby Rafe

I am sure I have told you before, I love newborn shoots. It takes me back to the romantic days of having my first child Sophia, the euphoria of love and happiness, was out of control. I often felt like my heart would burst for this little person in which I had just met. Two kids later, one who is a three-nager and the other going through the terrible twos, I often look back at those 'quiet', 'calm' and 'peaceful' days with such fondness, but I know the reality is, they probably weren't quite as calm as I like to remember.

Waking into the Plumbly household, it was exactly as how I remembered it. Little baby Rafe was so quiet, I had to ask where he was! Still so very dinky and only 3 weeks old, little Rafe had the most magnificent head of hair. It is at the 3-4 week mark that newborns become more inquisitive with the world around them, little eyes opening and shutting, trying to make sense of his surroundings. We had a very relaxed morning , Rafe didn't want to miss a piece of the action, but we finally got a few sleepy shots on the bed.