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'Capturing them just as they are'

One thing I have noticed about my own kids growing up, is that is happens very quickly! I know it sounds cliche, but that cute little outfit that you were gagging to get them into when they were one years old, is now the size fit for a dolly and you can't quite fathom them ever once being that size.

Well, I started focusing on capturing my own kids, "just as they are", like a snap shot in time. I have them on my wall at home now, albeit they were only taken 18 months ago, it seems a distant memory. What was my cherub like one year old is now a bossy and demanding two and a half year old with a very flamboyant character. I have now managed to capture a moment in time with friends children too and it is a wonderful keepsake of that cuddly little toddler you once had.

Most of these shots were recently taken for a friend and knowing the girls very well, it encapsulates their personalities down to a T!

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