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Why you should book a Mother & Child shoot session?

Updated: Apr 25

Mum's, don't be camera shy, if your husband is anything like mine, I have no photos with my kids except some rather up close sweaty selfies! These days, I look back at the photos in my late 20s and really appreciated how great I looked back then, rather than all the body conscious thoughts I had in my head at the time and by the time you get to the end of this blog post you will be another minute older, so go on get involved.

It isn't often I have the opportunity to WIN a Mother & Child shoot session, so why not give it a go.

How to enter:

  • Follow me on Instagram

  • Tag 4 other friends who you think would like to win a shoot session

  • Wait for the draw on Mother's Day 12th May 2024

Four good reasons to have a shoot with your kids:

1. Timeless Memories:

Mums will treasure the lasting memories captured in these photos for years to come. These photographs freeze a moment in time, allowing mums to look back on these images and reminisce about the special bond they share with their children.

2. A Unique Experience:

A professional photography session provides a fun, interactive and memorable experience for both the mum and child. This experience encourages them to have fun and connect during the photo shoot, strengthening their bond in an enjoyable and unique way.

3. An Unforgettable Gift:

A mother and child photography session is a thoughtful and unique gift, especially for occasions like Mother's Day. It’s a chance to honour and celebrate the love, connection and hard work that goes into being a mum. These pictures will serve as a heartfelt reminder of that love for years to come.

4. You won't regret it.

There aren't many photos when you say, "I wish I hadn't taken that". Put any self conscious worries aside and get out there Mama! Your kids are only young once, as are you, so make sure you capture you time with them.

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