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  • Katie Martin-Sperry

Lou Lauwery's botanical linoprints

Updated: Apr 25

I first discovered Lou's intricate detailed linoprints in during covid, at an art auction. Having been confined to the home for months on end and starring at our rather blank walls, I ended up purchasing one of her original traveller palms. Ironically, not knowing who she was she reached out as she wanted some photography for her beautiful art works and that is how my crush for her stunning work began.

Much of Lou's influence is from the lush greenery of the Botanical Gardens. There is something that is just quite iconic about the traveller palms and beauty in a palm leaf alone that resonates so strongly with Singapore. These also make brilliant leaving gifts for anyone needing a touch of Asia to take home with them, beautiful presented in a modern teak frame.

Lou has got her CANOPY COLLECTION launching on the 1st May. For a little sneaky peak of what's to come, take a look below.

To find out more and explore Lou's art collections, you can visit Lou Lauwery's website here.

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