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Family photography marina bay sands singapore outside

Choose your shoot location

The point of a family shoot is to capture you at your most relaxed, being entirely yourselves.  However, it's useful to factor in some practical considerations along with the vibe of the images you're after.

Whether you choose indoor or out, Katie will arm you with everything you need to know and prepare to make your shoot a raging success

The heat

While most shoots start early to capture the beautiful morning light, it can still get sweaty first thing - especially since there's bound to be a little adrenaline on shoot day.  If your family perspire easily, outdoor shoots might be prohibitive, even with multiple changes of clothing.  Regardless of how stunning the backdrop, pictures with sweat patches are rarely ones for the mantle piece. 


Where you're naturally at ease

Your home exudes your personality and tells your personal story.  Families tend to be at their most relaxed in their own home environment, surrounded by the places and things they love the most.  Especially at home, props such as favourite teddies for little ones, favourite chairs or particular areas of your home can instantly put even the most camera-shy at ease.

Take the needs of everyone on the shoot into consideration, especially if you have little ones. Snacks on demand, non-spillable drinks and a loo close by are always handy.   


Meaningful places

Here in Singapore, we are blessed to live in one of the most photogenic cities on the planet, so there are plenty of locations to choose as a backdrop, especially for those who want to mark their time on the little red dot.  From the Botanic Gardens, or Bukit Brown Cemetary to Little India, we can find the perfect location to capture the beauty of your favourite places.


Convenience isn't everything

While a meaninfgul location can be wonderful, do take into account that where you have in mind might not be the most aesthetically pleasing.  Generally well lit areas clear of clutter will look better than a home littered with day-to-day belongings (no matter how well loved). Katie's expert eye will guide you as to what works best if you are in any doubt.
Gardens by the Bay Family Photo Shoot singapore
Bukit Brown Cemetary Family Photo Shoot Morning Light
Family on the beach Singapore family photography


Still undecided? Take a look through the galleries of photos I've taken in people's homes as well as outside.
You might find you're more naturally drawn to one than another.
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