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Time Out - Jaipur, India

Since having kids, my husband and I have struck up an agreement. One of course which benefits us both, which is time away from the kids and each other for a few nights a year to really 'get away' and have some 'me time'. 2017 was my turn. This trip certainly ticked that box, although there wasn't as much R&R involved as one might have hoped.

I travelled to Rajasthan on my honeymoon and have visited India several times. It's a country that I fall in love with again and again. Coming from clean and orderly Singapore, it was a breath of fresh air to be greeting by the hectic streets of the Pink City of Jaipur.

My wingman and I stumbled across Banty on our first morning, a tuk tuk driver who was savvy to traveller landmarks, G & T hot spots and who's English was word perfect, so we hired him for the week as our wheels. Dressed in a perfectly white ironed shirt, Banty picked us up in the morning and followed our strict itinerary of sightseeing, textile and rug merchants. We were on a tight time scale, as we only had four days to unveil all the hidden gems of the city! Banty would 'Farrari us across town' (Banty's words, not mine!), through manic rush hour ensuring we left no stone unturned. It was the best way to see the city, quite literally, we were in the heart of it all, dodging and diving between cars and other two, three wheeled forms of transportation. The craziness of the city seemed to unleashed the risk averse, carefree backpacker I once was back in my early 20s. A totally different persona to my life as a mother and wife now. I felt so free.

Early one morning I roamed the streets before breakfast, capturing the city slowly walking up to just another busy working day. I was totally captivated by the charm and the friendliness of all the locals. A tuk tuk rammed with passing school children sped by and when they saw me, the tuk tuk stopped and they all got out to give me a good wave. I'd watch street vendors set up their stands for morning trade, making chai, selling vegetables and prepping curry. It was wonderful watching everyone go about their business. A little reminder, not to take the everyday things for granted.

We managed to take morning to see the beautiful Amber Fort in the rich colours of the morning light. It was breathtaking. I wish I had taken more photos. It's always the way when 'on holiday'. A great excuse to go back I say!

A lot of the photographs I captured below were captured off the back of Banty's tuk tuk.

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