• KMS Photography

Frolicking in Fields

In the fifteen years of having a house in the south of France, I had never been there at the right time of year for the lavender. Typically, Provence gets inundated with bus loads of tourists in the months of July to selfie themselves frolicking in the fields carpeted with lavender. This year I was sadly one of them.

The European light is just incomparable to the Asian light we get here in Singapore. The drama that the sun creates when it is out and behind a could creates an armageddon feeling to some of the images I took. Despite this being mid afternoon (the absolute NO NO when trying to capture a soft light), we took a family road trip to Valensole, which was famous for its immaculately groomed fields. I had no idea there where so many different varieties of lavender, wild, lavender purely for oil, some purely grown of for the flowers heads etc.

When we came across the first sea of purple flowers, the excitement that struck me, I can only imagine was like seeing one of the great Wonders of the World. Lavender fields should be on that list. Sophia my eldest bursting with excitement, she was ushering me on to run the length of the field with her and of course I couldn't help but SNAP!