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The Big Freeze

Living so far away from family and with a new little niece in the world, a trip back to the UK was a must! There is something really quite special about family. When around my brothers to turn into the former 15 year old that I once was, giggly and being bullied by my older brother. Somehow, 20 years on nothing seems to change. Ironically, we are both now parents which seems so strange given I picture myself still being twenty something. Obviously I headed home for the coldest week in 11 years, but coming from 35 degrees, I was excited about the minus temperatures and the wonderfully fresh air that you don't seem to get here in Singapore.

We spent a morning in Richmond and took a stroll through the park followed by a pub lunch at our old local. We then drove the streets of Richmond and looked at all the old houses we used to live in...yes, we only covered off five. Memories of playing 40 / 40, being given 50p worth of pocket money and heading to our local newsagent and where I first learnt to ride a bike all came flooding back. It was an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, appreciation and gratitude for family and up bringing.

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