• Katie Martin-Sperry

The Remnant Family, London

During my trip back to London, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with the Remnant family. Sabine and I grew up together and having known her family just shy of 25 years (yes, I am now showing my age), Sabine suggested for the shoot to be at her Grandfathers house. A place, even for me full of childhood memories of parties, learning to dance in the beautiful ball room and gorgeous cosy dinners, when Sabine lived there. I knew it was going to make the most decadent location.

Sabine comes from a large family, so her Grandfather is used to lots of grandchildren visiting, not to mention his great grandchildren. Nonchalantly, Theo hops on his scooter, whizzing past the most beautiful paintings which coat the walls, confidently, coming to a complete stop, head to head with a rather precious looking sculpture.... I think he might have done this before! It was such a fun morning, the hide and seek options were endless and we even had a few photos with great Grandfather too.