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  • Katie Martin-Sperry

Family visiting Singapore? Why not do a shoot with while the relis are in town?

Isn't it wonderful when family come out to visit us is in Singapore. We have been luck to have all of our out over the last week months and it is always more relaxing when we have family visiting us, rather than travelling a millions miles and having to deal with jet lagged and cold children in the homes of the grandparents (I always find it so stressful)!

One thing I love most about Christmas is the generations coming together, something that my kids aren't used to and one thing I miss about not living in the UK. It has been wonderful meeting so many lovely grandparents over the last few months, especially in the run up to the Christmas. It's so rare to get the family together, so why not capture it and make memories of their visit here in Singapore? Little ones grow so fast it is worth trying to capture them with the grandparents and create some special memories and bonds of the things that they did together while they were here.

These Dutch grandparents brought so much energy and charisma to the shoot whilst trying to get the newborn to settle and the toddler to sit still.

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