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  • Katie Martin-Sperry

Why it is so important to print your images.

After much deliberation on choosing a photographer, getting worried about what to wear and hoping that your kids behave, hopefully your shoot session will have gone much better than planned. But why is it that we love capturing these memories, similarly to taking hundreds of photos on your phone, to then never print them. What is the point in that??

Well I am here to encourage you to help print them and here are a few obvious reasons why...

  1. No one can see them on the cloud.

You should print them out and put them on your walls for you and others to see. It is amazing how much the kids love seeing themselves and remembering the fun they had from the session and also over the years remember how small they were and how quickly time passes. Same goes for photo books, mine have been so well thumbed by the kids, they love hearing stories about the photos in them.

2. Print them out for relatives back home

In this complicated day and age with so many iPhone photos too, we have forgotten how to print them, especially those in the same generation as my mum. She always asks for print outs of my kids as getting them from the phone to a printer can be tricky.

3. Photographs or frames make the perfect presents

When stuck for a gift for a big birthday back home for a parent or husbands 40th / 50th, what could go down better than a beautiful gift for him / her for the mantle piece or his office. I offer a variety of frames and also acrylic blocks which make lovely presents.

4. It is NOW or NEVER

If you don't print your images, while the iron is hot, the likely chances that you will at all is slim! I am still yet to print my honeymoon pictures, I am also a victim of what I am preaching. I wish I had done it before I had kids, as I finding the time now is tricky, ten years down the line. Same goes for your online gallery, once that gallery has expired, you will forget where you have downloaded the images and loose momentum to print them. I can't tell you how many clients ask me to extend their gallery or re-sent their files. Do it today!

I am here to take the pain and admin stress away from it all, so use me! As part of your shoot package you receive 2 x prints of your choice, so let me know if you need help with sizes, how to frame them etc. You can click here to see what PRINT AND FRAMING services I offer.

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